Handwound Pickups

we handwind all pickups used in our guitars, and offer many models to replace existing pickups. we work with musicians to help them produce the tones their looking for in a good pickup. 

Guitar Pickups

classic humbucking pickup, handwound coils, plain enamel wire, alnico 2 magnets, 4 conductor wire for switching options. sweet singing pickups.

vintage style tele bridge. flat alnico 3 magnets, heavy formvar wire, string wrapped coil and cloth leads. slightly overwound.

stratocaster set, hand wound with heavy formvar wire, middle pickup rw/rp for humcancelling, bridge pickup has optional steel baseplate for a little tele twang. cloth leads. turns a mim strat into a real                                                                classic sounding guitar.

firebird pickups. humbucking but sounds like a fat dynamic single coil, minus the hum. great pickup.


Bass Pickups

classic p-bass alnico 5 magnets for tight low end. formvar wire, humcancelling cloth leads. wound between 10.5 and 11 k

Soapbar bass humbuckers. ceramic bar magnets for tight lows, poly coated wire, copper shielded and humcancelling for dead quiet performance. 4 conductor leads for single coil operation and phase-reversal and series-parallel switching. Can't put much more in a passive pickup. 

Where to Find Us:

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